Avatar or Reincarnation

Avatar or reincarnation is the concept narrated in puranas (Mythological stories). Humans created a wrong concept that the gods have taken rebirth as humans, and such humans are known as avatars. Please note that the gods (eternal and immortal souls) will never take rebirth in any human form as an avatar. They exist in the cosmos permanently in their soul energy form with their specific characters, skills, and related memories. The gods were humans, and after their deaths, their soul energy was intact due to their skills and practices and was not scattered individually. They achieved their salvation and keep their soul intact, so they are known as gods.

Once they obtain salvation, their soul energy is not scattered, and hence they do not take rebirth as a human again. None of their soul’s cosmic energies have taken rebirth in human form and any other life forms. If their souls are assumed that it has taken another human life form or any other low-level life form, then their salvation and godly status itself is doubt. So, the avatar concepts created by many spiritual leaders show their lack of knowledge about the godly status, salvation, etc., and are not aware of the intact and dispersal statuses of a soul’s cosmic energies, etc.

Once the human soul attains the status of a god, after that, they always exist as eternal godly souls. As time passes, such godly souls increase their various cosmic energy-handling powers through their eternal existence. Hence the terminologies of “god’s avatars” or “god’s reincarnations” are falsely understood by humanity. If we say that the eternal gods have taken rebirth as humans or any other life form, their souls’ salvation status is gone. Their divine status as gods is also gone. Ancient scriptural texts say that a god has no birth and death. It actually means the cosmic energy that can neither be created (birth) nor destroyed (death). Humans who achieve salvation and become eternal human souls are the gods. Thus, the imagination of the rebirth of any gods again as humans known as the avatar or reincarnation is fundamentally wrong.

It will question the salvation and godly status of such superior gods. The birth of any skilled humans may be considered the blessings of higher-level gods to beget such a skilled child to sincere devotees. When any devotee performs a very sincere, dedicated, and prolonged Agni puja or any other strong divine services such as tapas in their lifetime towards any gods, then out of great happiness, the gods give some special boons or powers to that devotee. The gods also bless them with a few secrets of handling cosmic energy in the form of divine weapons. The higher-level gods can create various cosmic divine weapons, such as tridents, Vel, etc., by accumulating the cosmic energies by their mind power.

These cosmic weapons are not visible to the human eye. Still, if the gods trigger it, the cosmic energy will take the shape of a trident as concentrated energy. It will travel in the cosmos and hit the evil humans, i.e., asuras, and kill them wherever they are in the cosmos.

Asuras (Bad Humans)

The asuras and avatar gods were humans born at various periods. They were individual humans who performed strong worships and tapas in their human life. They obtained proficiency in handling cosmic weapons as a boon from the gods they had worshipped. After receiving such powers or boons, if they used such powers for the welfare of humanity, they were respected and worshipped as gods. When these humans misused their powers to cause harm to humanity, then they were referred to as asuras. Both asuras and avatars are humans only and are strongly devoted worshippers of their respective gods. Both draw their powers from their steadfast devotion to their gods.

When humanity suffers from such asuras for a prolonged period, the gods will not take any direct, immediate action to destroy such asuras as they also have great devotion to the gods and have obtained a lot of promising boons due to their steadfast dedication towards them. The gods never directly destroy/create harm to humans. Instead, they prepare other powerful human beings, mostly their sincere devotees, to eliminate such auras and save the rest of humanity in their region. Do not imagine that the gods can save humans who reside worldwide. Avatar gods saved the innocent people in their living region from some bad people in their human life. Most avatar gods were either kings or brave humans. Hence, they were worshipped as gods by those humans. Slowly, such avatar gods’ reputations spread to wider regions where other humans also accepted them as their gods. Such worship blessed them with the human life characters and skills of such avatar gods. The avatar gods’ human life stories explain the importance of braveness to exist as an eternal human soul. Their life history proves us that any human soul can become a godly soul.

Mythological stories

In earlier periods, when a human with an Asura-like personality became strong, they thought of themselves as living gods. Once they developed their ego to that extent, they forced people to worship them instead of ancient gods. Using their powers and boons obtained from the ancient gods, they tried to stop people in their region from worshipping the ancient gods. They know the cosmic energy secrets and the importance of Agni puja. Hence, they stopped the energizing rituals performed by the rishis to reduce the cosmic powers of the ancient gods. If the fire rituals are stopped, automatically, the blessing powers of the gods get reduced, and hence people cannot be effectively benefitted from such gods.

People will always forget the gods if they do not help. If people do not benefit from the gods, they will stop rituals to energize the gods. Thus, the eternal life of godly souls will be affected. To reduce the powers of the ancient gods, the Asuras (bad humans) tried in all possible ways to stop fire rituals to them and harmed the rishis. But, in the cosmos, the existence of skilled gods cannot be destroyed by any such Asuras’ powers so quickly. The ancient gods might be weak for some time by Asuras’ disturbing actions, but they will revive as soon as the Asuras are destroyed. If the asuras are in their old age, then humanity does not suffer much since their end is near, and then the gods also do not bother much about them.

When this harassment happens by young and middle-aged Asuras, the gods prepare another human who has attained similar cosmic powers by worshiping the gods to prevent humanity from suffering a lot. To balance the evil actions of asuras during various periods, the gods will prepare another good person who would be their devotee. Once such a powerful devotee killed the asuras, the saved people praised him as a god. After the deaths of such powerful devotees, people celebrate them as avatar gods.

In that way, so many avatars and asuras characters came into our historical events. For example, humans with such asuras characteristics were Ravana, Kamsa, Hiranyakashpu, etc. Similarly, humans were celebrated and worshiped as avatars Rama, Krishna, Parasu Rama, Narasimha, etc. Sri Rama worshiped Lord Siva and Siva Linga for 14 years when he resided in the forest due to some family circumstances. He took guidance from ‘Brahma rishi’ Vishvamitra about the worship methods of lord Siva and Prapancha Sakthi (cosmic energy).

Brahma Rishi Vishvamitra was initially a king and started vigorously worshiping the gods through long years of tapas and Agni pujas. He obtained a lot of boons from various gods. He was a mighty Rishi in those periods. Subsequently, Rama got a lot of boons and siddhis from lord Siva which empowered him to destroy Bad King Ravana. King Ravana was a powerful king, and he did intense tapas and Agni pujas toward Lord Siva. Lord Siva granted many boons to him too.

King Ravana obtained the Easwar title in his lifetime from Lord Siva, and he was called Ravaneaswar. It is not so easy to get such an Easwar divine title in human life itself. Usually, the Easwar title is given by Lord Siva to a person/person’s soul based on one’s Agni puja performance and ability to destroy evil forces and Dhusta Devatas. King Ravana was depicted with ten heads which meant his ability to handle at a time ten different tasks. His brainpower was also strong.

Nowadays, we also refer to people as Ashta-avadhani (one who can perform at a time eight different tasks) and Dasha-avadhani (one who can perform ten different functions). The various cosmic skills and siddhis obtained by him gave him a god-like status in human life itself. But he developed an ego and began inflicting misdeeds on the innocent, including kidnapping Princess Sita, the wife of Sri Rama. He was powerful. But finally, he was killed by Sri Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman.

Sri Krishna worshipped goddess Kali Devi and other superior tantric goddesses and got many boons from them in his human life. Thus, he could wisely and bravely plan war strategies and win the Kurukshetra war on behalf of the five brothers known as Pandavas (sons of King Pandu) against the 100 Gourava brothers, who had a big army. He proved that more than the gourava’s huge manpower and army, his intelligence and siddhis were more useful in securing victory. People know that these avatar gods were born as humans. Mostly such avatars were kings or rishis in their human life in a particular region. Hence, they were worshipped as gods after their death due to their good actions, victories over asuras, and other skills. But, in reverse to such reality, many humans believe that superior gods are born as humans.

Everybody knows that their clan gods (kula devatas) were humans once. The same concept applies to avatar gods also who were humans and promoted / worshipped as gods due to their souls’ eternity.

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