Does rebirth really happen?

Slow dispersal of energy particles from a human soul is called the death of a human soul

Humans developed beliefs about rebirth. They believe that depending on one’s karma in this life, their soul retakes human rebirth with more auspicious or lesser auspiciousness. Practically a human rebirth is not possible for any human soul. A human soul either stays as an intact and eternal human soul (which is called Salvation / liberation / moksha for that human soul) or disperses into individual energy particles.

Such dispersed energy particles may take rebirth in other life forms, such as worms, insects, plants, etc., wherever they fall on earth. Humans are nothing but a bundle of cosmic energies accumulated and condensed into a human shape in this birth. Cosmic energy in each human body cell is gathered from different foods. Cosmic energies dispersed from a dead human’s body with a particular human memory can be considered energy particles, and they are not the soul. Human soul energy is an accumulation of millions of invisible energy particles. Dispersed particles may have human memory, but they cannot be considered souls. Their memory can be slowly rewritten by nature’s forces when they take birth to new life forms.

How many times can you rebirth?

Humans imagine their human souls again taking millions of rebirths as humans after death. It is a false understanding. A human soul disperses into millions of individual energy particles, and such individual tiny energy particles may take millions of rebirths in various forms, such as grass, worms, etc. Suppose millions of cosmic energies from a human soul take rebirth across multiple life forms such as grass, worms, etc., then its memories are remodified according to the new life forms. But it will also have human memory inside it and a desire to become a human life form again.

When a human’s soul energy particles get stuck with any idle matter like stones or mud, it is a long punishment for that energy particle. The human memory exists in those cosmic energies in these inactive forms, and it may take hundreds of years to take rebirth, even as the most miniature life form like a worm. This is the status of a normal human being’s soul energy and dispersed individual energy particles. When you are in a whole human body, you may worry once during suffering. The dispersed energy particles from your soul may be in millions, and such millions of energy particles worry during torture.

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