Idol worship

What happens when you look at a statue or a picture?

When you stand in front of a statue or picture and look at it

  • your brain cells look at the statue's or picture's shape.
  • All of the cosmic energy particles in your body cells, which is called "bio-cosmic energy," is ready to copy, change, or act like the character of the idol, statue, or picture you worship.
  • When you just look at the idol or portrait, the energy reflection from the divine features will have less reflection effect on your energy. But when you worship a statue or picture, the cosmic energy in the cells of your brain becomes very focused. So, the intensity of energy reflection will be stronger. During worship, the brain gives detailed instructions to the bioenergy (cosmic energy in every cell of the body) of the whole body to act and behave in the same way as per the characteristics of the statue or idol. The idols represent the gods (i.e., eternal human souls) and the worshippers obtain such eternal human soul’s human life characters and skills as blessings.
  • Gods are eternal human souls. They have their human life memories and skills. They have developed cosmic energy handling skills in their afterlife. Idols are sculpted stones and comprise dense cosmic energy particles in them. Due to the reflection characteristics, the cosmic energy particles in the idols imbibe the godly souls’ skills and powers into them. Thus, divine energy is stored in the idols. Modern scientists use silicon for the memory storage of all electronic devices. Silicon is an earthly element of the sand, also available in sculpted stone.

What happens when you worship the idol or portrait?

If this idol is given a divine name, such as Easwar or Amman, it will also represent the cosmic energies of that heavenly name. By lighting an oil lamp in front of the statues/idols/portraits, additional cosmic energies will be created. Enhanced external cosmic forces that encircle the statue or image will likewise improve the gods' attributes. You can easily understand these actions by comparing them to those of your children. We educate and train our youngsters by providing them with a variety of skills and knowledge. Similarly, an idol and its constituent energy particles are instructed differently to distribute heavenly energy. Thus, the cosmic energy of the idols and the cosmic energy around them both induce the characteristics of the respective gods in the human worshippers who stand in front of that idol/statue/picture. Assume this idol is placed in the moolasthanam. The divine energy of the gods will also combine with the energy of the aforesaid idols and other external cosmic energies received via yantra, mantra, Gopura kalasams, and so on. As a result, the energy influence on the worshippers who stand in front of the idols will be great. The brain cells of the believers are activated based on the characteristics of the god as carved in the idol.

When a weaker person has friendship for a long period with a strong person, that weaker person automatically takes on some of the traits of the strong person. He copies or imitates the actions or words and develops the same features, style, mannerisms, etc. that affect human behaviour. All of these behaviours develop in the weaker human even though he doesn't know it. One thing about cosmic energy is that it is always listening, copying, and changing. It can be seen in how kids act when they try to be like their heroes. In the name of devotion, when we pray, we choose the gods as our cosmic energy heroes.

The science of Idol making

The idols are sculpted to look like the gods they are meant to represent. All of the energy particles in the cosmos are linked to each other. The cosmic energy in the idols, which is made up of atom particles, gets information about the worshipped gods from cosmic energy particles that are free to move around in the universe and stores it in their memory.

Such characteristics include:

  • the god's human life victory over the asuras, knowledge gained about cosmic energy, mastery over various weapons, and
  • other qualities such as might, bravery, kindness, and so on, as well as
  • skills gained in their afterlife in their soul form such as handling energy vibrations, mantras, and so on.

A child is a bundle of cosmic energy particles. When a name calls a child, it accepts that sound as his name. A stone is also a denser accumulation of cosmic energy particles. When a stone is worshiped using a god’s name, its cosmic energies accept and reflect that god’s skills and characteristics. Thus, a stone idol receives mantra vibrations, an eternal human soul’s powers, cosmic skills, etc., and entirely becomes a sacred energy object. Thus, the stone becomes a divine object through its cosmic energy particles when sculpted to represent a particular god.

The cosmic energies in an idol reflect the particular god’s actions and are ready to distribute the divine power to the worshippers’ when triggered by a small fire called Aarthi. When an idol is worshiped with various mantra vibrations and a particular god’s name, cosmic energies in that stone are ready to reflect the cosmic powers of the respective gods and vibrate with those mantra vibrations. Mantras are cosmic energy vibrations used for thousands of years to worship and energize a godly soul.

When energizing rituals are performed in front of such a stone idol, the cosmic energies around it increase further. This is how the divine soul energy and idols’ cosmic energy together bless the worshipers with double impact. A god is human soul energy, and an idol is an object stored with the divine energy that can reflect the human life characters and cosmic energy handling skills of that god.

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