What does our spirit look like? Is it similar to our physical body?

An illustration of human soul energy that exists as an invisible human shape

Spirit or soul represents the same. After the death of humans, the formation of the human soul energy (or spirit) from the human body is an automatic process. Every cell in a body has stored energy, called the life energy of that cell, and they create a link among themselves. This invisible cosmic energy from all the cells of a human body comes out after death and forms the human soul’s energy in an invisible human shape. Do not think that the human’s soul energy is an ample light coming out of a human’s heart center.

This invisible cosmic energy from all the cells of a human body comes out after death. The strength of such soul energy formation depends on the brainpower and memories related to various cosmic skills of a particular person. The soul energy shape will be similar to that person with the same height and other features. Your soul’s energy form will be a mirror image of you but in an invisible form. The human body may have billions of energy particles, and hence it is in a visible form. The human soul may have millions of energy particles but is invisible.

What is the relationship between soul and body?

The cosmic energy link among the human body cells helps form the human soul’s energy after death. The strength of such a soul energy formation depends on various memory powers of the particular human’s brain cells, different practices learned in human life, knowledge gained in life about the abilities of cosmic energy and eternal life of human souls, other worship practices, etc. which help to keep their soul energy intact and eternal. Otherwise, for an ordinary human without such knowledge, their soul energy will scatter into individual energy particles, and those atom particles will take various lower-level life forms or idle matters.

There is a difference between the human soul’s energy form and its energy particles. The cosmic energy particles in a human soul will try to stick together due to their cosmic energy link. This energy link is established among themselves during their human life period. But due to nature’s forces, such as strong wind, the strength of this energy link among the soul energy particles is affected. Thus, human souls may disperse slowly into individual energy particles. Such dispersed energy particles will merge with the air or cosmos, it is referred to as the death of a human soul in the afterlife. Such energy particles dispersed from a dead body may either take new birth in any lifeform or may join in idle matters. Many saints assumed the cosmos and its energy particles as an almighty god. They imagined the dispersal of cosmic energy particles from a human soul in the open cosmos as the human soul is merged with the god or salvation.

Dispersed energy particles from a human soul slowly merges with the air/cosmos

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