What is Cosmic Energy?

The entire cosmos (Universe or Cosmos) is a vast and huge area filled with zillions of individuals and tiny energy particles. These small and invisible energy particles are scientifically referred to as atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, etc. Every kind of energy particle has a specific weight, dimension, vibration, color, frequencies, radiations, sound, etc. In the cosmos, for all such tiny energy particles, we use a generic term called cosmic energy, which manifests itself as various forms of living and non-living, and visible and invisible matter.

In the cosmos, all the forms are created by these tiny energy particles performing all the activities. As these tiny energy particles can do anything and everything, many spiritual leaders believed these energy particles (i.e., atom particles) were an almighty god and worshipped the widespread existence of cosmic energy particles as the almighty God.

Cosmic energy particles are everywhere in the cosmos in various forms, such as stars, planets, earth, etc. visible forms. The radiations, vibrations, etc., are invisible forms of cosmic energy. Some saints gave importance to our solar family and categorized the cosmic energy particles such as energy radiations from the Sun (Sun god or Surya Dev), energy radiations from the Moon (Moon god or Chandra Dev), energy from Mars (Angara Dev), energy from Mercury (Budha Dev), energy from Venus (Sukra Dev) and energy radiations from Jupiter (Brihaspati Dev), energy from Saturn (Sani Dev), the various element’s energy available on Earth (Pancha Bhuta or five great elements) and worshipped them. Some people worship earth’s five elements of energy (Land, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky) as Na Ma Si Va Ya.

We breathe oxygen (O2) which is a cosmic energy particle. Every cosmic energy particle has life in it. The free-roaming cosmic energy particles in our environment enter our body and induce specific characteristics as per their earlier form’s memory. How the cosmic energy particles influence our daily life through various colors, vibrations, statues, and portraits are explained in The True Divinity.