What is Cosmic energy manipulation?

A human soul that struggles to stay intact energy forms during a strong wind

Cosmic energy manipulation is also called as Siddhi or cosmic energy handling skills. All saints and rishis spend their lifetime trying to uncover the secrets of handling the cosmic energies from the gods. Some of the cosmic energy handling secrets are “Ashtama siddhis.” Saints and rishis mainly worshipped the superior gods as they can reveal the secrets of Ashtama siddhis and cosmic energies.

Obtaining these siddhis from the gods helped the saints to exist as complete soul energy forms without any dispersal. Whether it is a godly soul or an ordinary human soul, their invisible soul energy form is continuously being disturbed by environmental forces such as heavy winds, rain, etc. Temples and Moolasthanam with solid walls were constructed only 3000 years back. Before that, the ancient godly souls did not have proper and safe shelter to stay in.

They had to protect themselves against nature’s forces to stay an intact soul. Their survival instinct was strong, and they had developed many cosmic energy handling skills. The recent human souls, who exist below 3000 years, enjoy the comfort of safe worship places to reside, and hence their cosmic handling skills will be lesser than the ancient godly souls. We know that comfortable and sophisticated life makes us weak. Struggles make everybody strong in human life. It is also applicable to the human souls and godly souls in the afterlife.

The cosmic energy by itself does not do anything except transform itself into various kinds of matter as per nature’s laws. Sometimes, it may adopt life forms like worms, grass, animals, etc., or it may take idle conditions like sand and stone, etc. Generally, individual cosmic energy keeps roaming here and there. When a human absorbs it through food or breathing, it takes a position in the human body and becomes part of his organs. When a human walks, the cosmic energies in his leg perform a walking action. When a human sees, the cosmic energies in his eyes perform that action. Thus, the human mind controls and handles the cosmic energies through the body organs. But a human cannot control any cosmic energy directly in its tiny energy form individually. When the gods absorb cosmic energies, they become part of the gods’ soul energy, and such energy particles work as per the commands given by the gods.

The gods are the experts in controlling the free-roaming external cosmic energy particles in the cosmos. The cosmic energies can perform various actions as per the instructions given by the gods. Thus, the same cosmic energy particle depends on the absorbing person’s character and can perform different actions. When gods absorb the cosmic energy, they act as divine powers. When humans absorb it, it acts as manpower. When a horse absorbs it, it acts as horsepower.

This can be explained as follows: Clay does not take any shape on its own. The clay itself is a heap of mud. When molded on a potter’s wheel, it takes various shapes and forms like a pot, flower vase, plate, or statue. It depends on the creators’ skills and thoughts. The saints and rishis who obtained boons from the gods are efficient cosmic energy controllers. Thus, the gods and trained saints can command the cosmic energies in their energy form by using their mind power. Their commands are not given in a loud voice.

The gods and saints use their mind powers to control the free-roaming cosmic energy particles, and the cosmic energies in the nearby environment obey and act. When the godly souls want the free-roaming cosmic energy particles to join collectively, the energy particles act accordingly. Similarly, when the gods imagine a group of cosmic energies to become separate and independent, the energy particles act accordingly. It is similar to training in a school, where a physical trainer instructs all the students that all the tallboys are to go and stand at the back, all the short boys come to the front, etc. The students obey the commands of the master and act accordingly. Under gods’ mind-power commands, the cosmic energy particles act as their servants. This is referred to as their cosmic energy manipulation or cosmic energy handling skills (siddhis).

Cosmic energy secrets

Cosmic energy secrets or cosmic energy handling secrets are narrated as Ashtama siddhis. The eight important cosmic energy handling powers are referred to by the term Ashtama siddhis. ‘Ashta’ means Eight, ‘Ma’ means great, and ‘siddhis’ means cosmic energy handling powers. Saints and innocent people developed many stories based on the following powers of the gods. Let us analyze such capabilities of eternal human souls based on cosmic energy. These siddhis are as follows:

1. ANIMA- The ability to become the smallest in size

A drop of poison can make a glass of milk poisonous. Similarly, an atom particle from a godly soul can make a devotee develop similar skills and characteristics. Anima means the blessing powers of the gods by his divine energy particles (atoms). When the gods bless their energy to the devotees, the tiny energy particles of the gods reach the devotees’ brains. Thus, a devotee can develop the cosmic skills of the respective gods due to reflection characteristics.

In the Tamil language, Anu means atom. Earlier saints believed the gods could reduce their size to tiny atom size. The gods’ soul energy will be at their human height, and it should not be assumed that the god’s complete energy form is reduced to tiny atom size. The action of an atom from a godly soul is considered that god can take a miniature form.

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How to absorb cosmic energy abundantly?

One of the cosmic energy handling powers is called Mahima. MAHIMA means the ability to expand one’s size to an infinitely enormous size.

Innocent people believed that by attaining this Mahima Siddhi, a person such as Saints or Rishis, etc., can expand their human body to mountain size. His power may be equivalent to God. People always need exaggeration to praise the god / saints’ powers. The human body cannot grow more extensively like a mountain. Humans’ souls are obtaining eternal soul status. Thus, a godly soul's core energy is always at its human height, which is only 6 feet maximum. Imagine a balloon filled with air at a height of 6 feet. What is inside the balloon exists outside the balloon, i.e., cosmic energy particles or air. The human soul can be compared with an invisible balloon filled with air. When a balloon loses air gradually, its size gets reduced. It may be called a deformed human soul or ghost. When the quantity of air is maintained continuously inside a balloon, it can exist forever in that shape. It is similar to a situation where a human soul gets continuous food energy through rituals; it can retain its invisible human form and is called an eternal human soul. When a balloon is filled with more air/gas, it may extend its size to some more level, but not beyond a certain level.

When the gods are energized with more quantum of Agni puja and mantra chanting, the cosmic energy particles dispersed from the rituals will roam around their core soul energy. Thus, their soul energy is filled with more quantum cosmic energy particles. Even though the size of the core soul energy of the gods remains the same (i.e., 6 feet in height), the outer layer of their soul energy may appear in a more oversized shape. This is called Vishwa Rupam of an immortal human soul.

All such accumulated cosmic energies around their core soul energy will reflect similar characteristics of that god due to reflection characteristics. Certain saints and rishis viewed the godly souls in big-sized energy forms during their tapas and Agni Puja. So, they believed that the overall size of a godly soul could grow to a great level, even that of a mountain. Due to the strength of the energizing rituals done by the rishis, some higher-level gods could appear at a maximum height of 15-20 feet.

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