What is salvation or Moksha or Mukthi or Liberation?

A human’s knowledge of various forms of cosmic energy is his enlightenment

Many saints assumed the cosmos and its energy particles as an almighty god. They imagined the dispersal of cosmic energy particles from a human soul in the open cosmos as the human soul is merged with the god or salvation. Human soul energy is formed after death which is fragile in the initial period. It must be strengthened through energizing rituals for its eternity. Salvation means to exist as an intact and eternal human soul with human life memories forever and not be dispersed. If the energy particles disperse from a human soul, it is called the death of a human soul. Human soul’s invisible human shape may disperse, but the energy particles never die. The millions of dispersed energy particles from a human soul may take individually different rebirths or may float in the air or fall on the ground which is not salvation for a human soul.

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What is the difference between liberation and enlightenment?

When a human soul can exist without its energy dispersal, it is referred to as salvation, Mukti, Moksha, liberation, etc. But on the contra, many spiritual leaders describe the dispersal of soul energy as salvation/mukthi, etc. Salvation or Liberation means to exist as an intact human soul with human life memories forever and not be dispersed. When the human soul’s energy is gradually dissipated, it takes a deformed human shape and is known as a ghost. But the dispersed cosmic energy particles from a human soul never die, and they exist as Individual energy particles. They carry the memory of a particular human, and some of them take rebirth in various life forms such as grass, worms, trees, etc., on earth, and some of them are just roaming around as energy particles in the air. It is called rebirth of the energy particles of a human soul. Once a human soul is able to stay as an intact soul, his soul energy particles do not take any rebirth and hence it is considered as liberated from taking rebirth. The skills and knowledge required to exist as an intact soul is called Enlightenment.

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How does a layperson achieve enlightenment?

Gaining knowledge about the various characteristics of the cosmic energy (atom particles) collectively is referred to as “Wisdom or Enlightenment.” The “enlightenment or collective knowledge” means the knowledge obtained in human life from analyzing the various characteristics of cosmic energies which exist in different forms, including humans (such as relatives, parents, friends, enemies, etc., and their actions, skills, psychology, etc.), the formation of human soul and the various states of human souls such as weak human souls, eternal human souls, evil souls, godly souls, etc., gaining knowledge about the invisible energy particle’s influences on human brain such as planet’s energy, nature’s energy around the earth and in the cosmos. A layperson’s struggled life itself will teach many of the facts and skills required for afterlife.

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Is enlightenment a final state, or is it never-ending?

Humans and other objects are visible forms of cosmic energies. Human life mostly depends on material objects in life. Humans’ knowledge and skills related to any visual forms of cosmic energies end with human life. True enlightenment refers to the knowledge and utilization skills of invisible forms of cosmic energies. Humans’ souls are an invisible form of cosmic energies. In the afterlife, human souls depend on invisible cosmic energies for their existence and eternal survival.

By utilizing the invisible form of cosmic energies, how to energize human soul energy through rituals, how to strengthen human soul energy through various mantra vibrations, how to exist as an eternal soul against nature’s disturbances, how to create divine weapons for self-defense, how to fight against the bad souls, evil forces and Dhusta devatas, how to get rid of the harmful effects caused by planet’s cosmic energy, how to rule a temple efficiently by the help of associated parivar gods, and finally how to bless and activate the worshipper’s brain chambers, etc. are the essential aspects for a human soul in the afterlife. These cosmic energy handling skills decide a human soul's divine status and existence in the afterlife.

By simply sitting under the trees, you cannot achieve anything. Some ignorant spiritual leaders teach us to erase our lifetime knowledge registered in our memory through deep meditation practices called still your minds. It will not lead to true enlightenment, and you will waste the knowledge gained in your whole life. There is no end to learning. Anyone who had spent his life mainly in an ashram or spiritual organization or under the tree or lived in a secluded life, etc., cannot gain many experiences. Hence, his enlightenment or wisdom will be at a lower level. The disciples may declare that their leader has obtained enlightenment, but practically it is just an eyewash. Innocence and ignorance can never lead to salvation. Enlightenment does not stop in human life itself. It continues even in the afterlife when the human souls desire to improve their cosmic energy handling skills.

Humans’ Imagination of the soul from heart merges with cosmos