What is Srichakra or Sri Yantra?

Srichakra divine symbol is also known as Sri Yantra, widely worshiped in many countries. It helps obtain the 16 auspicious things in their lives and finally attains salvation and the other cosmic energy secrets, including the “Brahma Gnana and Brahma Vidya.” “Brahma” means cosmic energy. “Gnana” means knowledge and wisdom. Brahma Gnana means obtaining complete knowledge about cosmic energies. “Vidya” means skill sets and handling powers. “Brahma Vidya” means the skills of handling various cosmic energies including the Ashtama siddhis.

Some of the cosmic energy handling skills like mantra chanting can be learned in human life. When we perform Agni puja by chanting various mantras, those cosmic energy vibrations will reach our brain cells through our breathing. This energy absorption is registered in the memory of brain cells’ cosmic energy. Thus, the brain portion of human soul energy can absorb such energy vibrations in the afterlife from cosmos. A human soul’s survival and skills depend on its cosmic energy handling skills. The majority of such skills can be learned only in our soul energy form and in the afterlife by the guidance of skilled cosmic gods who grant us salvation.

The worship of the Vel/spear and Trishul / trident and related memories in the brain helps the soul energy formation in the afterlife. These Vel and Trident symbols represent the brain and spinal cord of the human body. This helps form the basic skeletal structure of the soul energy from the brain to the bottom of the spinal cord and related organs. The Srichakra or Mahameru represents the entire human body connected by the nervous system via the neurons to the brain and related energy points in the whole body. Thus, during the worship of Srichakra / Mahameru, the cosmic energy encircling it will activate the brain chambers and all the energy points in the entire human body. This helps in the soul energy’s formation and replicates the whole structure of the human body, from head to toe, as a fully corresponding replica.

The worshipper of Sri Chakra or Mahameru can form their soul energy more significantly similar to the entire human body structure in invisible form. Such worshippers’ soul energy will form with minute details, as shown above in the afterlife. That is why it is referred to as the highest form of worship for obtaining salvation. Worshiping divine symbols like Vel, Trishul, and Mahameru and related memories in our brain cells helps mainly with soul formation. We may not get the support of godly souls, but our memories about these divine symbols help for strong soul energy formation.


Srichakra is a two-dimensional figure in a diagram, and Mahameru represents its three-dimensional aspect. Lord Siva is worshipped in Siva Linga form. Similarly, the worship of Srichakra or Mahameru is considered the worship symbol of the Aadhi Paraasakthi goddess. But it is better to worship the Aadhi Paraasakthi Goddess in an idol form with the above divine symbols to activate the brain chambers. Thus, in addition to the Aadhi Paraasakthi goddess’s blessings, one can also benefit from cosmic energy’s reflection characteristics from Mahameru to strengthen their souls.

In the Maha Meru, the topmost point is the Bindu Point. The Supreme mother (Aadhi Paraasakthi) goddess leads a group of skilled cosmic gods by sitting on the topmost Bindu point. She can control and handle various cosmic energy vibrations over a vast span of the cosmos individually and with her retinue gods. The cosmic energies radiate from the edges of Mahameru and can trigger the various energy points in the human body. Thus, Mahameru worshippers can form their soul energy firmly in full invisible human shape. Ultimately, the worship of different divine symbols and chakras only activates the brain chambers to create the soul energy firmly after death.

Some energy vibrations are Shreem, Kleem, Hreem, Aym, etc. Aadhi Paraasakthi goddess may have various gods as her parivar gods. Some of such parivar gods may have expertise in Shreem, some gods may have expertise in Hreem, and some gods have expertise in both or even more like Kleem, Aym, Soum, etc. Thus, by worshipping Srichakra / Mahameru and Aadhi Paraasakthi goddess, a devotee can obtain blessings from all such gods. The devotees’ souls may also have expertise in many divine energy vibrations. Such a devotee automatically satisfies the Dasha Maha Vidhya worship, Trinities worship, Saktham worship, Navagraha worship, etc. Everything is achieved through Srichakra / Mahameru worship.

The Srichakra is formed by nine interlocking triangles that radiate from the center. The central point in the Srichakra (2-dimensional representation) represents the similar location of the Bindu point in the Mahameru (3-dimensional model) which is the divine location of the Aadhi Paraasakthi Goddess. Aadhi Paraasakthi can also be depicted with divine weapons such as Trishul, Sword, Vel, etc. Hence, the devotees can obtain cosmic energy reflection benefits to develop courage aspects.

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