Where does the Soul reside in the human body?

Human soul formation from the whole body

After the death of humans, the formation of the human soul energy from the human body is an automatic process. Every cell in a human body has stored energy, called the life energy of that cell, and they create a link among themselves. This invisible cosmic energy from all the cells of a human body comes out after death and forms the human soul’s energy in an invisible human shape. The soul energy shape will be similar to that person with the same height and other features. Your soul’s energy form will be a mirror image of you but in an invisible form. The human body may have billions of energy particles, and hence it is in a visible form. The human soul may have millions of energy particles but is invisible. The human soul is like a newborn baby in the astral world, and its energy level will be fragile.

Human'a imagination about soul is formed from the heart

Where does the soul go after the death?

Human body and human soul constitute five elements of energy (sand, water, fire, air, ether energy) and it does not leave the earth. We know the difficulties involved in life. Humans who aim for salvation (eternal life) must understand that their souls do not get a place like heaven in the sky. Humans need a place to reside for human life. Human souls need a place to reside in the afterlife. We provide a burial place for a dead body in a graveyard and most of the human souls roam around their burial place itself. If dead body is cremated, then a human soul does not get any place to reside in a graveyard. Human souls need continuous energy to nourish their souls which is possible through the support of the eternal human souls who live in nearby temples/worship places and energizing rituals. We can learn from the godly souls or eternal human souls about the cosmic energy handling skills to exist as an intact soul and get a divine soul status in the afterlife.

What is an eternal soul?

Human souls can be classified as newly formed human soul, weak human soul, strong soul, evil soul, eternal human soul, godly soul, etc. There is a difference between the human soul’s energy form and its energy particles. The cosmic energy particles in a human soul will try to stick together due to their cosmic energy link. This energy link is established among themselves during their human life period. But due to nature’s forces, such as strong wind, the strength of this energy link among the soul energy particles and its invisible human-shaped energy is affected. Thus, human souls may disperse slowly into individual energy particles. Such dispersed energy particles will merge with the air or cosmos, it is referred to as the death of a human soul in the afterlife. Such energy particles dispersed from a dead body may either take new birth in any lifeform or may join in idle matters.

After death, some human souls can exist as an eternal human soul, and such eternal status is referred to as immortal or a god or godly soul. These human souls learned cosmic energy-handling skills in their afterlife. Thus, these eternal souls could bless the worshippers with their energy-handling skills called divine energy.

Do Animals have souls?

Yes. All life forms are constituted by atom particles (cosmic energy particles) in their body cells. Soul energy formation happens even in the street dogs, cows, elephants, lions, tigers, and other big-sized animals where brain memory is a little strong / intense. Even though, their soul energy cannot withstand for a long time and disperses soon within a few days. It does not happen significantly in small life forms like birds, rats, fish, or worms. The initial soul energy formation is mainly based on the memory power of the brain cells related to the internal organs and external features and the cosmic energy link between them.

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