Who is called almighty god?

Humans believe in Almighty God is watching them.

Cosmic energy is an individual energy particle (i.e., atom), microscopic and invisible to the naked human eye. They are present in everything and as everything because they constitute everything – visible and invisible matter. These tiny energy particles are prevalent everywhere in the cosmos in big or small objects and invisible forms. This widespread nature of their existence led them to be wrongly assumed as an almighty and powerful single god by most of the saints for many years. Manifestations of cosmic energy particles (atoms) in various forms, lives, and objects were misconstrued as manifestations of God.

Some people worship widespread atom particles as the almighty god. Atom particles (also known as cosmic energy, Prapancha sakthi, Brahman, etc.) create everything in the cosmos including animals, humans, human souls, earth, stars, planets, invisible radiations, vibrations, etc. and they are widespread in the entire cosmos. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, there is no creator for cosmic energy (atoms) and they are self-created. Atom particles create everything (creator), exist everywhere (omnipresent), can do any actions in their various forms (omnipotent), have various skills and knowledge in their various forms (omniscient). Thus, people misunderstood the widespread existence of cosmic energy as almighty god or god is omniscient (or god is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient).

Does God watch us all the time?

Humans generally believe that God is watching all their activities every day. The gods weigh the quantum of good deeds and evil deeds done in their lifetime to decide their afterlife placement in the cosmos, like heaven or hell. But the gods are not involved in monitoring the activities of all the humans on earth as is generally believed by humanity. Every individual human is a bundle of cosmic energies which register all their activities in their memory.

The cosmic energy particles in a human body register in their memory about that human’s activities. The gods do not watch it, and it is the action of cosmic energy in every human. Thus, the individual human’s activities are monitored and registered by his own body’s cosmic energies. As the cosmic energy is falsely assumed to be a single great god by some people, the monitoring actions and memory registrations of the cosmic energy by the human body’s cosmic energy itself is falsely understood as if the single great God is watching over us.

The gods are many and are not concerned about any individual humans and their actions. They care mainly about the eternal existence of their soul from energy and about their devotees who live around their temple zone. Generally, humanity does not concern itself with all the animals’ birth and death, but they care only for their pet animals. Likewise, the gods do not have the time to care for all humans who live in their cosmic zones, and they care about only their devotees. A lot of animals are born and die. Likewise, many humans are born and face death. There is no gods' involvement in such births and deaths of various life forms on the earth as these are cosmic energy’s actions and reactions.

Some spiritual leaders influenced humanity to believe that human life’s failures are due to the punishment meted out by a single powerful god. They further created stories that the single powerful God is always watching and testing humans throughout their life, etc., to decide finally about their afterlife status and to grant them a position in heaven, etc. When a person walks on the road carelessly, he may face an accident and die. There is no connection between these human life events to any of the gods. But people console themselves that an almighty god is responsible for their fate and other miserable life events.

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