Worship of the Planets

The worship of the nine planets (Navagrahas) is also called SOURAM worship. This worship is primarily based on the cosmic energies radiated from the sun, the head of our solar system, and the cosmic energies from other planets like Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Earth’s satellite, the Moon, and lunar nodes Rahu and Kethu. We have seen that the entire cosmos is full of cosmic energies emanating from the various planets and stars and such cosmic energy particles are different.

The cosmic energy from the various planets induces various characters in the human brain chambers. The earth’s solar family comprises the Sun and the Moon, and the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Apart from this, there are various stars and other planets in the vast cosmos. However, the sun and other planets in our solar system significantly influence our planet earth due to their mutual gravitational attraction.

In India, devotees can differentiate between the gods who are eternal human souls worshipped with various divine names such as Murugar, Ganapathy, Easwar, Amman goddesses, etc. and the gods who are the cosmic energy particles coming from multiple planets and available on earth. Cosmic energy coming from the Sun is known as Surya Dev, from the Moon as Chandra Dev, from Mars as Angara Dev, from Mercury as Budha Dev, from Jupiter as Brihaspati Dev or Vyala Dev or Guru Dev, from Venus as Sukra Dev, from Saturn as Sani Dev, etc. The cosmic energy particles available on the earth are Agni Dev (fire), Varuna Dev (water) and Vayu Dev (air), etc. People worship cosmic energy from other planets simply as gods in other nations.

Every person’s cosmic energy inside his body responds to the characteristics of these external cosmic energies coming from other planets. These planets’ cosmic energy is generally referred to as Ether energy or Akash energy or Sky energy by earlier saints and rishis. There is always a cosmic energy link between the cosmic energies inside the human body and those free-roaming cosmic energies outside the human body. Even though the skin acts as a strong protective layer for the body, the human body receives such invisible external cosmic energies due to its porous nature.

The invisible cosmic energies available on the earth and from the other planets also enter the human body through the breath, eyes, etc., thereby impacting the brain’s cosmic energies and actions. The human brain is a powerful cosmic energy receiver. The invisible cosmic energies around the human body continuously impact our brain energy and actions. Our surrounding environment is filled with various categories of invisible cosmic energy particles, radiations, vibrations, etc. When we live in a mountain region/hill station, we may feel a little happy and tension free. It is due to free-roaming cosmic energy particles available in such areas coming from other planets, and they do not have any previous memory of human life.

Whereas if we live in a highly populated place, the cosmic energies available in such areas mostly come from one human body and enter another human body that carries human life memory or any other life form’s memory on earth. Thus, we get little tension and energy inducement from that life form’s characters. When we are in the crowd, our brain cells are more disturbed than in a calm place. Other people’s brain waves and thoughts disturb our brain thoughts and energy flow. When we participate in meditation practices, the intensity of cosmic energy reception is more in the brain.

Depending on the various brain chamber’s activations, an individual’s skillsets, desires, interests, emotions, moods, habits, stress, anxieties, etc., will vary. Due to these variations, one’s lifestyle, knowledge, actions, social status, successes, and failures, interests, and associations, choice of partners and friends, choice of career or business, etc., will change. The above factors differ from person to person due to their individual brain chambers’ activation levels.

An illustration of a Human brain that generates a wave form energy

Every planet’s energy radiation induces certain dominant characters in human brain chambers in our solar family. Sun stands as a prime planet in our solar family, and other planets rotate around Sun. Thus, naturally, Sun stands as a leader among other planets. Therefore, cosmic energy from Sun always thinks that it is a leader. This Sun energy induces leadership quality in a human’s brain. Sun energy is common to all humans who live on earth. But individual human’s cosmic energy receiving capacity differs. Some humans can receive more quantum of Sun energy due to their genetic skills and activation of specific brain chambers. Some humans can receive more quantum of other planets’ cosmic energy, such as Mercury’s energy or Venus’s energy. Humans who can receive more quantum of Sun cosmic energy due to their brain powers, always desire to become a leader, have helping tendency, health care and braid minded, etc. They will also have some bad attributes, such as a short temper.

Humans who can receive less of the sun’s cosmic energy due to their brain chambers’ condition will not be much interested in taking leadership. Similarly, we can analyze the character’s other planet’s energy as below. Cosmic energy from Moon induces calm nature. Moon is visible only when Sun disappears. Sun energy will be more bright, vibrant, and strong. Thus, during Sunlight time, i.e., daytime, we work hard. At the same time, Moon energy is mild and creates calmness. Humans who can receive more quantum of moon energy due to their brain chamber’s activation will be calm, have fluctuating minds, not very brave, etc.

Humans who can receive more quantum of Jupiter cosmic energy due to their brain powers, desire to become wisdom seekers, broadminded, straightforward, interested in Divinity and Spirituality, etc. They will also have bad attributes such as solitary nature and quick losers. Humans who can receive more quantum of Mercury cosmic energy will be more intelligent, multifaceted, have good communication skills, etc. They will also be too alert. Humans who can receive more quantum of Venus cosmic energy will be interested in luxury life, entertainment seeker, and desire to be popular. They will also be spendthrift and less caring in health aspects.

The gods have to spend their energy to induce the worshipper’s brain chambers to activate, and it depends on the energizing rituals performed by a devotee. Thus, humans may or may not obtain expected blessings from godly souls. Godly souls’ blessings are helpful mainly for afterlife benefits and to reside in a temple. The gods’ blessings are not at the same level for all the devotees, and it depends on an individual devotee’s rituals to them. But the cosmic energy does not discriminate between any person, and its blessings are common to all. We cannot expect many benefits from the gods for a human life’s comforts as the god’s blessings depend on their energy levels. The godly soul you worship may be eternal soul but weak. But the worship of cosmic energy helps instantly boost humans’ energy level and related success in life.

Godly souls are also influenced and affected by various forms of cosmic energy, including a planet’s energy. Thus, some people believe cosmic energy is superior to godly souls. The blessings of the gods are focused on a particular devotee based on the god’s skills, but the blessing of cosmic energy is only for instant energy-boosting and based on reflection skills. The worship of the planet’s cosmic energy strongly impacts a human’s life. The planet’s cosmic energy can be worshiped anywhere without any idol/portrait. But, when the planet’s cosmic energy is worshipped through human-shaped idols, the human brains and the entire body will be energized by the planet’s cosmic energy.

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