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Author Srichakra Gnaneswar (Birth name: Senthil Kumar) aged 55 years (DOB: 1st November 1967) is an educationalist and graduated BE in electronics and telecommunication. He established a marine college at the age of 22 years in the name of International Maritime Academy and he is the Founder and Chairman of International Maritime Academy Trust, Chennai. International Maritime Academy is a leading marine college in India which imparts training for merchant navy crews, marine engineers, nautical cadet officers. He is also the founder of Srichakra Devalok Temple Trust, and the Trust has constructed Sri Vidhya Maha Ganapathy Temple at Pudhuchatiram, Chennai. He is also the founder of Srichakra Mahameru Seva Trust which is a charitable trust performing various social activities for the welfare of humanity. He is also the Director of HA Electronics (HK) Limited, Online Point Private Limited, and SQ Consultancy services Private Limited. Srichakra Gnaneswar’s family comprises of his wife and three Children. He may be contacted at #33, Ramanujam Street, T.Nagar, Chennai, Pincode - 600017, Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: +91-7418248999

Achievements in the path to Divinity:

Srichakra Gnaneswar (Senthil Kumar J) had spent more than 25 years in the path of divinity by performing Agni Homam (fire rituals) while running many successful business firms and living a happy family life. Chakra means the rotation or movement of cosmic energy. Cosmic energy (atom) is everywhere in different forms. Srichakra (or Sri Yantra) is a divine yantra that can bless to obtain divine knowledge about cosmic energy that revolves around the human body and the entire cosmos. The worship of Srichakra will reveal the secrets of the divine hierarchy of eternal human souls (various gods) and their cosmic energy handling skills, and the worship of Siva Linga will reveal the secrets about different cosmic energy vibrations like earth’s five elements’ energy (Na Ma Si Va Ya).Brahma(n) means cosmic energy or cosmos and Vidya means skills. Cosmic energy handling skills are called Brahma Vidya. The knowledge about the characteristics and skills of cosmic energy is called Brahma Gnana (Gnana means wisdom). Earlier, Saints and Rishis obtained higher-level wisdom by worshipping the higher-level ancient gods through fire rituals (Agni homam).Srichakra Gnaneswar is a highly experienced Divine Master, has been worshipping various ancient gods and cosmic energy through Agni puja (fire rituals) for the past 20 years as done by earlier Rishis. Srichakra Gnaneswar has established divine connection with many gods through worshipping Srichakra (or Mahameru) using Maha Shodashi mantra and obtained expertise with cosmic energy through worshipping Siva Linga using five element’s mantras (Namasivaya). Gnana represents knowledge about cosmic energy and eternal human souls (gods). Easwar represents expertise in handling cosmic energy and energizing a human soul for the eternal life. The title Srichakra Gnaneswar indicates his divine knowledge (Brahma Gnana) of guiding humanity for obtaining Salvation / Mukthi / Moksha / liberation (i.e., status to become an eternal human soul). Srichakra Gnaneswar shares his divine wisdom to the entire mankind through his books. These secrets were not revealed for the past 3000 years with clarity.

Specialized cosmic skills:

Srichakra Gnaneswar is well versed with various mantra vibrations and fire rituals and guides humanity to obtain divine connection with various skilled gods. By the blessings of various gods, Srichakra Gnaneswar was able to understand their cosmic powers, their divine retinue and divine hierarchy, secrets about getting a godly soul status for human souls under their favourite gods. He guides to train our brain memory through various practices that can help to energize our souls in the afterlife for eternity. He reveals the secrets of accommodating human souls with the godly souls in a temple/worship place. He is well versed with the various skills of cosmic energy and shares the wisdom of various occult sciences such as astrology, nameology, numerology, Vasthu, gemmology, etc. He reveals the disturbances caused by evil souls and tantric forces to the mankind to safeguard from Dhusta devatas and evil souls in life and afterlife.

Divine research and Books:

Srichakra Gnaneswar has made detailed research about the cosmic energy (atoms) and eternal human souls (gods). He scientifically explains that after the death of humans, the formation of the human soul energy from the human body is an automatic process. Every cell in a body has stored energy, called the life energy of that cell, and they create a link among themselves. This invisible cosmic energy from all the cells of a human body comes out after death and forms the human soul’s energy in an invisible human shape similar to a dead person with the same height and other features.

The human soul is like a newborn baby and its energy level will be fragile. People do rituals only for a few days. Without continuous food, a human soul cannot keep its invisible human-shaped energy form intact for a long time, and its energy particles will slowly disperse in the air which is called death of a human soul. Most human souls will fully disperse in the air by nature’s forces within 3 to 6 months. Some human souls could withstand intact soul with the help of some other eternal human souls’ support and rituals’ energy. When a human soul can exist a strong soul without its energy dispersal, it is referred to as salvation, Mukti, Moksha, etc. But on the contra, many spiritual leaders describe the dispersal of soul energy as salvation / liberation, etc. This great wisdom will lead the human souls to attain salvation (eternal life) and to become a godly soul.

Humans imagined that after death, their souls rest in peace or merge with the gods or will obtain a place in the heaven etc. In the past 3000 years, nobody explained the afterlife secrets of human souls, their afterlife struggles in earth, their gradual energy dispersal called the death of a human soul, etc. In the afterlife, firstly your soul needs to survive for its own existence and develop further skills to become an eternal human soul. Your soul needs to learn many cosmic energy handling skills for the afterlife survival. The Brahma vidya and Brahma Gnana required for a human soul to become an eternal human soul are given by Srichakra Gnaneswar in this True Divinity collection of books to the entire mankind. Srichakra Gnaneswar has explained scientifically the secrets of attaining an eternal human soul status (Salvation) for your soul through the help of various gods in your region, free-roaming cosmic energy particles, energizing rituals, various other human life practices, etc. in this The True Divinity collection.

If you cheat someone, then someone will cheat you.

If you harm someone, then you will also be harmed.

If you help someone, then someone will help you

Cosmic energy is doing it! Not the Gods

– Srichakra Gnaneswar