People worship the gods based on their beliefs but without any scientific clarification. The True Divinity books scientifically clarify the energy impacts behind such various worships. People worship the gods intending to attain salvation in the afterlife (or moksha or eternity) apart from human life needs. Attaining an eternal soul status or godly soul status or immortal or avoiding rebirth is called salvation/moksha. How humans (i.e., human souls) can become gods (eternal human souls) is explained in this book. People believe that after death their souls will join with their gods and depending upon their good and bad actions in life, god will bless them with a place either in heaven or hell in the afterlife. The worshippers believe in the human soul and its afterlife with their gods whereas some people believe in the dust-to-dust concept. Both are possible. Whether people believe it or not, the formation of a human soul in an invisible human-shaped energy form is an automatic process for every human after their death which is scientifically explained in the True Divinity books. The question is whether such a human soul will survive in the afterlife as an eternal human soul or simply disperse, i.e., dust-to-dust.

So far, no scriptures and books about souls have explained scientifically what is a soul, what is the soul made of, after death what happens to the soul, where does the soul go after death, etc. Ordinary human souls and their invisible human-shaped soul energy form are generally dispersed within 6-12 months after death. Till they fully disperse, human souls roam around their homes, graveyards and streets, and such deformed human souls are referred to as ghosts. Some human souls can exist in an intact and invisible human-shaped energy form who are called eternal human souls or immortals. Such eternal human souls are worshipped as gods and reside in the worship places constructed on the earth. People perform various rituals to strengthen such godly souls and seek a similar eternal soul status through them. Thus, we must understand that the gods or immortals do not reside in the sky but live only on the earth. How to exist such an intact form of soul energy in the afterlife i.e., how a human soul can become a godly soul is a great divine secret that is explained in the True Divinity books by Srichakra Gnaneswar for the benefit of mankind for their afterlife. Some people worship eternal human souls as gods and some people worship cosmic energy (i.e., widespread atom particles in the cosmos) as an almighty god. The True Divinity books also explain how to use cosmic energy in our surrounding to improve our skills and hence the betterment of human life and afterlife.

People have developed various beliefs about journey of soul after death such as heaven in the sky and hell in the underworld. But in reality, what comes after death for the human souls is totally different. If a human soul gets a place to reside in the worship place, then it is a heavenly afterlife. If a human soul roams around the graveyard and streets without any place to reside, then it is a hellish afterlife. After death, the formation of the human soul energy from a dead body is an automatic process for everybody.

Ancient scripts describe the size of Atman (i.e., human soul) is in micrometer. Such imagination was based on the size of a sperm cell and ovum which together create a fetus. When the cells of a fetus grow as a child and human, the human body develops billions of cells. Now, the atman or soul of the human body is not life energy in one cell when it was in a sperm or ovum. The size of the atman or soul (i.e., life energy in all the cells) of a human body also increases and it is fully spread out in the entire body of a human. Similarly, the size of soul energy for animals and birds was in micrometers when they were in fetus form and their soul energy grows depending on the number of cells and size of their bodies.

Every cell in a life form has a life energy in it, and it is the soul energy of that cell. When a cell dies, its life energy comes out of it. When a life form dies, the life energy of all the cells comes out together due to their energy link. Life energy in the body cells of the human body has created an energy link among themselves in one’s lifetime. When a human dies, the life energy of all the cells comes out of one’s body and they form an invisible human-shaped soul energy of that particular human due to their energy link. Thus, atman or soul energy of a human is a combination of life energy of all the cells of the human body at the time of death and it is not in micrometer as it was in the fetus.

This invisible cosmic energy from all the cells of a human body (from head to toe) comes out after death and forms the human soul’s energy in an invisible human shape. Your soul’s energy form will be a mirror image of you but in an invisible form. Your soul carries your human life memories and skills. Do not think that the human’s soul energy is an ample light coming out of a human’s heart center. Cosmic energy particles (atoms) in a human body may be in billions, and hence collectively they are in a visible form. The human soul may have only a few millions of energy particles and hence it is invisible.

A human soul can slowly grow when its dead body is buried safely. A human soul disperses quickly when a dead body is cremated. A human soul is like a newborn baby in the afterlife. Human soul and the energy link among its invisible energy particles will be fragile. People perform rituals to strengthen their relatives’ souls only for a few days. Without continuous rituals and a safe place to reside, a human soul cannot hold its invisible human-shaped energy form for a long time and it is also affected by nature’s forces such as heavy wind and rain. Thus, the energy particles of a human soul will slowly disperse. A human soul (called Atman) can also withstand in its invisible human-shaped soul energy form (intact human soul) with the help of already existing eternal human souls (called gods or Paramatman) and rituals. When a human soul can exist without its energy dispersal, it is called an eternal soul (or immortal soul) and such a status is referred to as Salvation, Mukti, Moksha, Liberation, etc. The meaning of eternal soul is that it does not lose its invisible human-shaped energy form and exist as an intact human shaped-energy form forever with its human life memories and skills. Such an eternal human soul does not take rebirth in any forms.

But on the contra, many spiritual leaders describe the dispersal of human soul into individual energy particles as salvation / liberation, etc. Millions of dispersed energy particles from a human soul may take millions of rebirths as grass, worms, etc. or float in the air or fall on the ground which is not salvation. People around the world think that they could attain salvation if they praise/promote their god as a great god. They forgot to analyse how their gods attained such an eternal human soul status through their self-skills, worshippers’ rituals, mantra vibrations, etc.

People worship the eternal human souls as gods. Such eternal souls’ human life success and victory over bad humans (asuras) or evil souls are narrated in mythological stories (puranas). These eternal human souls learned many cosmic energy secrets such as cosmic energy manipulation and how to absorb cosmic energy particles to strengthen their souls in their afterlife. Gods’ various divine names represent their cosmic energy handling skills. Gods are many such as higher-level gods, protective gods, village gods, clan gods, etc. They are residing in the worship places and their hierarchy is based on their individual cosmic energy handling skills. The purpose of worshipping gods and visiting the temples/worship places is to understand the eternal souls’ afterlife. Ancestor worship and how to energize your ancestors’ souls to become your clan gods (Kula devatas) is explained. Your soul can also become an eternal human soul. If you think that God is one, your soul cannot get a godly soul status (i.e., salvation). If you accept that gods are many, your soul may also get an eternal soul or godly soul status through one of the gods in your region. A single god cannot grant salvation to millions of worshippers.

Some people worship widespread atom particles as the almighty god. Atom particles (also known as Cosmic energy, Prapancha sakthi, Brahman, etc.) create everything in the cosmos including animals, humans, human souls, earth, stars, planets, invisible radiations, vibrations, etc. and they are widespread in the entire cosmos. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, there is no creator for cosmic energy (atoms) and they are self-created. Atom particles create everything (creator), exist everywhere (omnipresent), can do any actions in their various forms (omnipotent), have various skills and knowledge in their various forms (omniscient). Thus, people misunderstood the widespread existence of cosmic energy as almighty god or god is omniscient (or god is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient). Humans are accumulation of cosmic energy (atoms in the cells) and human form of cosmic energy creates another human baby which is falsely understood as almighty god created humans. You are the creator of your life, your family, and your children. You must know how to create the comfortable afterlife for your soul. Otherwise, your soul will just disperse. This book guides you how to design your soul’s afterlife and exist as an eternal human soul.

Over the last 3000 years, people confused about who is the real god. Some people worship the widespread cosmic energy in nature as almighty god and some people worship eternal human souls as gods. Worship of the cosmos and its free-roaming cosmic energy particles as almighty god can boost our existing human life skills and capabilities. Worship of cosmic energy is called Lingam worship. Worship of planets and worship of nature (earth’s energy) can boost some specialized characteristics. Worship of the souls of the saints will develop their human life characteristics such as love, mercy, etc. due to reflection characteristics of cosmic energy. Worship of skilled eternal human souls (gods) with various divine names will help us to develop their human life skills and various cosmic energy handling skills which help our soul to attain similar eternal soul status. Once a human soul attains the eternal soul status, it is called god and a god will not take further rebirth as reincarnation or avatarReincarnation meaning is not properly understood by mankind. Gods’ blessing to beget children of their characters and skills were considered as gods’ reincarnation. How to beget knowledgeable children through worshipping various gods and cosmic energy is explained.

In The True Divinity collection, Srichakra Gnaneswar scientifically explains the powers of cosmic energy, eternal laws of cosmic energy, and eternal human souls. He explains afterlife secrets such as how to get salvation (mukthi or moksha or liberation), formation of a human soul, various states of human souls in the afterlife, the impacts of after death rituals (burial or cremation) for the formation of initial level human soul energy, a human soul's afterlife struggles without food and shelter to survive, how to become an eternal soul (Salvation) in the afterlife by using cosmic energy, fire ritualsmantra vibrations and worshipping already existing eternal souls in the temples / worship places. How much you know to energize your soul using free-roaming energy particles and rituals is more important than whom you are worshipping.

How the free-roaming atom particles floating in the air act as a god through their energy reflection characteristics in home prayer room, how to enhance cosmic energy abundantly in our home puja room to fulfill our desires using various gods’ portraitsidol worship, divine symbols and yantrasom chanting and various mantra meditations on brain, etc. are explained. These secrets are never told before scientifically. The truth behind various occult sciences such as Astrology, Nameology, Numerology, Gemology, Vasthu, Tantric, evil soulsghosts and their energy impact on human body and mind, how to utilize the knowledge of occult sciences to upgrade our life and safeguard from evil forces, karma and curse, path to enlightenment and misguided beliefs in the path to salvation, the difference between the divine enlightenment and the spiritual enlightenment etc. are scientifically clarified.

The Author suggests to read THE TRUE DIVINITY (Volume I - IV) in sequence for better understanding of cosmic energy, human souls, godly souls and how your soul can exist as an eternal human soul (Salvation) in the afterlife.

The True Divinity
Volumes (I-IV)

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