Worship of Nature

The cosmic energy particles (atom particles) have various powers in them, including creation. All cosmic energy particles have the memory of their present and previous forms. Genetic memories of life forms can create similar new life forms. Thus, cosmic energy’s (i.e., Atom’s) creation powers were assumed that God has created everything, and God is everywhere in all life forms. As far as our earth is concerned, all life forms are created and live by nature’s five elements’ cosmic energy particles. These five element’s energy particles are called Na (various forms of cosmic energy which exist on earth’s surface and inside the earth’s surface like minerals), Ma (cosmic energy in water), Si (cosmic energy in fire), Va (various cosmic energy in the air such as hydrogen and oxygen, etc.) and Ya (cosmic energy radiations coming from sky) and collectively referred to as Na Ma Si Va Ya. The energy particles’ vibrations Nang, Mang, Sing, Vang and Yang are represented by the letters Na Ma Si Va Ya.

The human body consists of the five element’s cosmic energies (Na Ma Si Va Ya) in various quantities. Our food comes from vegetables and other natural products. These are referred to as earth’s cosmic energy. Our body cell constitutes calcium, iron, potassium, and other minerals referred to as earth’s cosmic energy particles (Na). The blood and each cell comprise the water element’s cosmic energies (Ma). The body heat in each cell is called the fire element’s cosmic energy (Si). The body needs oxygen and carbon dioxide, part of the air element’s cosmic energy (Va). The human brain is influenced by the cosmic energy radiated from the various planets and stars when it reaches the earth. These particles are called space energy, ether energy, or sky energy (Ya).

After death, each of these five elements' energies begins to disperse from the dead body slowly during the dead body’s decomposition. The dispersal speed varies depending on the death rituals. If the dead body is buried, the dispersal of cosmic energy from it will be slow, and such dispersed energy slowly reaches that human’s soul energy and strengthens it for a long time. There will be a cosmic energy link between the human soul’s energy and its dead body. Hence a human soul will prefer to stay nearby its dead body where it is buried. A human soul will desire to go to their homes frequently.

If the dead body is cremated, the dispersal of energies from the dead body will be fast, and they will scatter in the open air and will be of no use to strengthen the initial level of human soul energy. The soul energy forms firstly from the invisible cosmic energy dispersed from the brain portion of the dead body. The remaining energy from the other body parts slowly dissipated during its decomposition process. It reaches the soul energy in invisible form due to the cosmic energy link between the brain and other body parts.

The deceased person’s practice of chanting the five elements mantra in his earthly life helps his soul attract its own dead body’s dispersed energy. As the body’s energy comprises the five elements, due to Na Ma Si Va Ya chanting practices, the soul energy can easily attract its body’s dispersed water energy from blood and fire and earth energy components, etc., and hence strengthen itself. Thus, the soul energy can accumulate five elements’ energy from its own dead body. If anyone has practiced Agni puja and chanting Na Ma Si Va Ya in life for some time, their soul energy can attract/absorb fresh five-element energy particles from outer space.

Earth element energy:

Earth energy is a common term, and it comprises many cosmic energy vibrations in various forms like atoms, molecules, compounds, etc. But the overall earth energy is identified by a common sound, “Nang.” In simple form, it is “Nam.” It is denoted by the letters “Na.” When a devotee chants the “Nang” sounding vibration, the cosmic energy in his brain cells establishes a strong cosmic energy link with the earth elements’ cosmic energy available in his overall body parts.

After prolonged worship of Na or Nam or Nang vibration, one’s brain cells can develop cosmic skills to attract and control the invisible and free-roaming external earth element’ cosmic energy particles. When he dies, if he is buried, his body will decompose, and the earth element of the cosmic energies from his dead body tries to merge with his soul energy, and it is an automatic process. It does not mean that the entire body is reforming again, and such a merger of energy happens only in invisible form due to the cosmic energy link. The slow merger of energy particles from the dead body to soul energy is affected due to nature’s forces. If a human’s mantra chanting practices are strong, his soul will try to absorb more earth energy from invisible particles dispersed from its own dead body. Soul energy can also absorb earth element energy particles from external air, and hence his soul energy is strengthened. In life, the chanting practices can be made in front of a Siva Linga, representing cosmic energy. When Agni puja is performed during chanting, it gives faster results in attaining cosmic skills over the earth element’s cosmic energy. This earth element energy is generally worshipped as Bhumi Devi goddess.

Fire element energy:

The cosmic energy in the fire element is generally identified by the sound “Sing / Sim / Si.” When a devotee is practicing worshipping this vibration in front of a Siva Linga or alone, his body’s cosmic energy is preparing itself to control the fire element’s cosmic energy vibrations. Thus, he obtains siddhi of the fire element. After he dies, this siddhi helps the dispersed fire element’s cosmic energy from his dead body merge with his soul and strengthen his soul. This cosmic energy is respected and generally worshipped as Agni Dev. Fire can spread in all directions; hence, Agni Dev, or Fire god, is depicted with four heads. The fire spread quickly. A human soul worshipped with fire rituals can be very active. A human who practiced this mantra in his life can also absorb the other free-roaming fire element’s energy particles available in the open air when he is in soul energy form. When a human soul attains godly status, these energy handling skills help them receive energy particles from his dead body at a mild level. This energy absorption skill also helps to absorb food ingredients’ cosmic energy dispersed from fire rituals at a greater level. Thus, a soul can get food energy quickly and can survive as an eternal soul.

Ether element energy:

Any cosmic energy from the sky (i.e., the stars and other planets) is called ether cosmic energy. The sound Yang / Yam / Ya identifies the ether energy. When a devotee is practicing worshipping the above vibration in front of a Siva Linga, his body’s cosmic energy is preparing itself to absorb the ether energy vibrations from the cosmos. Due to prolonged practices, one can obtain siddhi of the ether element. This siddhi helps accumulate various planets and stars’ cosmic energy particles from the cosmos to strengthen his soul energy after death. Instead of chanting one mantra, the saints used to chant these five words together by the combined mantra of “Na Ma Si Va Ya” to obtain the combined siddhis over the five elements of cosmic energy vibrations. The fire element’s vibration “Si” has a greater significance than the other elements. Hence, the saints mostly used the “Si Va Ya Na Ma” mantra by prioritizing the fire element. Some saints who wanted to obtain siddhis specifically for three elements used Si Va Ya, and for two prime elements, they used only Si Va.

Some saints, who wanted to get the siddhis primarily for the water element energy, used the mantra starting from “Ma Si Va Ya Na,” where Ma stands for Water energy at first. Similarly, saints who wanted siddhis for air element’s energy chanted Va Ya Na Ma Si. Those who wished to siddhis primarily for the ether energy used Ya Na Ma Si Va. Depending upon one’s age, time availability, and interest in any particular element’s energy, the devotees can use the above combinations as mantras for chanting to obtain siddhis from the five elements' cosmic energies.

Any nationality can practice this Na Ma Si Va Ya mantra. The above vibrations represent the cosmic energy of the five elements on the earth, common to humanity. It represents the five elements’ energy, which constitutes a human body and human soul energy. Earlier, the saints and rishis practiced Na Ma Si Va Ya mantra chanting due to these reasons, and their practice helped them form their soul energy firmly in their afterlife. If people want to increase the quantum of cosmic energy in their homes and office premises, they can keep the cosmic energy’s idol, i.e., Siva Linga, in their beliefs and chant the mantra Om Na Ma Si Va Ya.

Suppose anyone keeps stickers with Na Ma Si Va Ya words. In that case, the free-roaming cosmic energy particles in that environment will induce the viewers’ brain chambers to increase their ability to handle the five elements’ energy. Si Va means fire and air element’s cosmic energy, and Linga means shape. Please note that worshiping the mantra “Na Ma Si Va Ya” means worshiping the cosmic energy in nature’s five elements. Na Ma Si Va Ya worship does not mean worshiping any god, especially Lord Kailash Rudra Moorthy, a chief to all Easwar gods.

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